"I always search for unique & quality food, health supplements & beauty products worldwide."

"My passion is exploring the top quality products that can improve my and others' people life - it naturally became part of me."

"Combining these products together with simple lympha workout significantly improved my life."

Approved Food & Superfood

The quality of products matter. Always.

We are what we eat. Jana connected with farmers, top chefs and other food specialists past years. Her taste for food is very developed.

She started with reviewing food in restaurants. Moreover, she has been to the most important world food exhibitions where she checked on more than 1000 of products. She compared and selected & created the best.

That's why: "Jana went miles to find what you like."

Be closer to Naturally Delicious Food

Approved Cosmetics

Beauty from the inside out really matters.

Jana experienced that if the quality and nutritious food is combined with using unique beauty products, it can effectively improve her skin, performance & mood.

The consistecy and combination of nourishing her body with quality food (inside care) and beauty products (outside care) is important. Step by step it became part of her life.

These Gingerbeli combination can effectively #gingerupyourlife

Try it out :-)

Get Closer to Quality Cosmetics

Approved Food Supplements

Sometimes our body needs an additional support with unique food supplements.

During her journey, Jana found some unique ingredients and products that she all tested herself or with her trusted people. She offers only what she experienced, such as unique Bio Kefir Plus.

Watch her Youtube videos where she explains her experience with each product she has found during her Gingerbeli journey.

Get Closer to Unique Supplements

Connecting Quality: products & people

Building link between quality products & distributors.

Searching for the uniqueness & quality.

Creating content & marketing.

Promoting on my social channels.

Helping with Market entry.

Selling on my e-shop Gingerbeli.com

Warehouse & Supply chain options in Czechia – the heart of Europe.

I stand behing your brand.

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"I don’t want to sell my products without any explanation: how to use it and their benefits it brought to my life. Behind every product is a reason why I share it with you. Watch more on my Youtube channel. I sell only products I use and tested myself with people I trust."

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