Black Garlic Story - Meeting Mike Tyson

Black Garlic Story - Meeting Mike Tyson

People call me crazy because I used to eat raw garlic - just like that! But then I discovered the complete remedy at local farmers in Europe - it's called Gingerbeli Black Garlic.

The main photo was taken at the Cannes Lions festival infront of Hotel Carlton in Cannes few minutes before I accidentally met the boxing star Mike Tyson. I met him actually twice within 20 minutes, in the elevator. I was shooting there my Gingerbeli Black Garlic content and I was really happy that I met him after eating odourless Gingerbeli Black Garlic and not the regular one that might push him away and not to chat and take photos with me :-) He is a lovely, humble person. 

But now back to Black Garlic.. but I noticed some remarkable benefits when using black garlic, especially when my body needs some additional support. Whenever I needed to boost my immunity, I got some infection, two cloves of garlic a day usually helped me. There are many more benefits that comes along when eating garlic. But after eating it, I had to be careful about my breath of course. That's why I was trying to find a way how to eat garlic and not to get the bad breath and smell at the same time - that usually stick for whole day. Of course there are some garlic capsules you can buy online, but I wanted the garlic as natural and fresh as it gets.. 

Then I found the Gingerbeli black garlic from local farmers in Europe! Woow, what a relief for me (and people around me :D)! The Gingerbeli black garlic does not smell at all, would you believe that? It has even a naturally sweet, smooth texture when you bite it and is easy to digest. I really love its delicious taste. This Gingerbeli black garlic honestly saved my life! Finally I can eat garlic whenever I want and I do not have to care if I have a date later, appointment for my work or meeting anyone randomly during the day. This is amazing!

What does actually make black Garlic black? The Gingerbeli Black Garlic is prepared by heat-ageing the garlic for some weeks - of course, under the humidity has to be carefully controlled. That makes the garlic and its cloves naturally soften and caramelise over time and it turns into black. Additionally it gives the garlic nicely sweet flavour during the process. 

And now there is a question that probably everyone has in mind! Is Gingerbeli black garlic healthier and better option for you than regular one? Studies say yes! Because it may contain more antioxidants and S-Allylcysteine (SAC). SAC helps my body to absorb allicin. Allicin may help me preventing certain cancers, lowering my blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. The most active compounds of Allicin are delivered through garlic.

What are the benefits of black garlic that I recognised on my and trusted people who have been testing it? Well, there are some incredible benefits I found on myself when using Gingerbeli black garlic for sure.

I picked 8 benefits that are important for me, but actually there are many more.

1. It contains great amount of Antioxidants! Because of Allicin, what we explained above. Antioxidants help protect your cells from oxidate damage which could lead to deseases. They say the peak of antioxidants in garlic is reached at 21 days of fermentation.

2. It helps to regulate my blood sugar level. This is especially important for people with diabetes. One study shows that black garlic can improve cholesterol, decrease inflammation and even is a great apetite regulator, that women and men can appreciate when trying to loose some weight.

Another study showed that eating black garlic can lower level of glucose and insulin.

Moreover, because of the fermentation, using the bacteria Lactobacillus may help prevent development of gestational diabetes.

3. Gingerbeli Black Garlic helped me to boost my brain activity. In a study, they also say that black garlic helps to memory loss and Alzheimer disease. I love to snack it during I work and it helps me with concentration and reducing my snacking apetite that I usually have when working :D

4. It helps me with my skin. I noticed when I eat black garlic regularly, my skin gets clearer, smoother and less pimples. It also makes sense, with all the powerful ingredients it contains.

5. I remarkably noticed that my immunity got better when regularly consuming Gingerbeli Black Garlic. Possibly because of all healthy compounds it covers.

6. When I want to have a libido boost, I go for the Gingerbeli Black Garlic. Black garlic may be used to enhance sex apetite and increases the libido. I tried and it works.

7. When I am hangover, black garlic this is the best remedy for me! One study showed that black garlic on ethanol induce hangover. It really works on me. I remember my sister also always used to take garlic whenever she felt she needs some boost after the weekend party and alcohol consumption. 

8. As last important point for me, the smell of Allicin in the black garlic helps me to fall asleep better. Eating raw garlic before falling asleep can feel heavy for your body, that's why I love to have the Gingerbeli Black Garlic that solves this problem. I sleep like a baby after eating regularly black garlic. 

Above are the benefits of Gingerbeli Black Garlic I noticed, but of course every body is different, so you should try and test of yourself. There are many remarkable changes your body may notice, just give it a try and share with me your feedback. As it is a very natural product, keep in mind that it's best to take regularly to feel some benefits as I did :-)

Ohhh, Gingerbeli Black Garlic... watch more of my videos I recorded about the black garlic I totally fell in love with.

Have a great Gingerbeli Black Garlic day!


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