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Wonder Balm Oilment: Soothes & Relieves

Wonder Balm Oilment: Soothes & Relieves

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NATURAL, VEGAN, and ORGANIC for Babies & Sensitive and Atopic Skin presented and discovered my Jana and Gingerbeli

This multi-purpose highly moisturizing and deeply nourishing balm is for any kind of dry, very dry or irritated skin that is designed for babies and all people with irritation, rash, and sensitive skin problem.

Why is it called an ointment wonder balm? The reason is simple! It is a must-have balm for any age for each family member. This balm can be a wonderful alternative to multiple balms and ointments we usually have at home dedicated to certain irritation or rashes. This balm should not be missed in any home because it can help a lot for more purposes.

The formula consists of olive and oat oils stimulate natural skin regeneration and shea butter quickly repairs and restores damaged skin.

It's great to use for the treatment of rashes, cradle cap, elbows, knees, and other dryness problems.

Do you need more reasons to try this balm that Jana and her trusted Gingerbeli people tested and recommended? Read more why:

  • It relieves rashes on any type of skin, even on sensitive, atopic, dermatitis, and psoriasis skin
  • It nicely soothes and repairs dryness on the lips (just put a bit of it for the night before you go to sleep - ohh, how Jana loves this feeling!)
  • When Jana has dry elbows, knees, and other sensitive body parts, it nicely soothes and repairs - you need just a little amount to feel and see the difference
  • It's great for itching bites from mosquitos and other insect
  • Moreover, it relieves scuffs from other body parts as well as scuffs from clothes

Do you know what else Jana finds cool about this product:

  • It's suitable for ANY AGE!
  • Also recommended for pregnant women
  • People with sensitive skin and  atopic-prone skin can use it too :-)

All Certified by Ecogea

Tested by Jana and her trusted people, including her sister who has 3 little kids: Sophie, Max, and Michael. They love it!

Convenient size of 200 ml


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