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Family Pack: for Babies & Sensitive Skin People

Family Pack: for Babies & Sensitive Skin People

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NATURAL, VEGAN, and ORGANIC for Babies & Sensitive and Atopic Skin presented and discovered my Jana and Gingerbeli

Formulated with 98,5 % natural ingredients & 24,0 % organic agricultural source.

This pack consists of 4 products that are designed for a family use. You can use them daily. They will nourish each family member. 

  • Shampoo & Body Wash Head-to-Toe baby's body cleanser
  • Body Lotion - For Babies and Sensitive skin family members
  • Intimate Hygiene Soap -  For women and children from 3 years. It's very mild, harmonizes, and keep natural pH. 
  • Wonder balm - For all family members, a must-have balm. Any irritation, or redness on the skin and it nicely smooths and moisturises the skin.

See more details for each product on the dedicated product page. 

All Certified by Ecogea

Tested by Jana and her trusted people, including her sister who has 3 little kids: Sophie, Max, and Michael. They love it!

Convenient sizes of each product.


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