Story of Gingerbeli and Cocobeli

Story of Gingerbeli and Cocobeli

What is Gingerbeli? is my e-commerce store to support quality – does not matter if smaller or bigger – brands as well as Gingerbeli products that I am step by step testing and working on to be presented. It’s all about delicious, quality and healthy (sometimes less, sometimes more – I believe the balance is the key ;-) food, natural cosmetics and supplements that I want to be as much natural and similar to food as it gets – such as my Gingerbeli Black Garlic. I found different products not only in Czech republic, but also Europe and outside Europe (I have lived 5 years in Bali, and spent some time also in Africa, Middle East,..). As I said, I am a little bit a citizen of the World :-)

Why is Gingerbeli different than other online e-shops?

  1. Where others end, I happily and passionately continue – for quality, that you deserve. To find the right quality I travel to the end of the World and I am not a person who would easily give up and take the first things that is offered ;-) I try to work as much as I can with local farmers and direct producers who are specialists in what they do and produce.
  2. I have reason to every product I offer you, I explain the benefits and how some products changed my life for better. Behind every product there is a reason why I share it. That’s why with every purchase on, you get an access to my exclusive channel Gingerbeli, where you also find some reviews of my products, with regards to health, beauty as well as my travel and success stories of inspiring people.
  3. I test every product, because we are what we eat – and use on regular basis. My wish is to offer you the best of what I discovered. It has to always include some special benefits of product, quality and the taste itself should be „Out of this World“ :-) Any product that I offer you on and I kind of "Gingerbeli approve". All products I use myself and before I publish any of them online, I test them properly also on my trusted people.

Watch video below that I created some years ago in Bali, shortly after I started to offer my first products on the indonesian market. The main idea of the project shown in this video stays :-)



What is Cocobeli?

Cocobeli is a blog about joy, inspiration that we have in our lives. This project started in Bali, Indonesia about 5 years ago when I started to intensively work with restaurants that I reviewed and helped them with their menu creation and taste of food. Already back in time I started to to use my well developed food tasting ability ;-)

Based on this experience I wrote my first Cocobeli CookBook, that has about 270 pages and you can find there recipes that were from my point of view the best restaurants in Bali – you find there all price levels, and from western to local food. In Bali you continuously meet inspiring people and they share their motivation in my CookBook too. You can purchase the CookBook online. You can find there the beginning of my Bali story, what made me to travel to Bali, and more…

I am happy to give you as present my online CookBook Cocobeli with every purchase from value of 60 EUR and more on

Why I started Cocobeli?

I wanted to share with people quality food and places where you can get it. But the main idea is to support mental health in general. My best friend commited couple of years ago a suicide and it affected me a lot. I always wanted to create space where people can find inspiration and support each other. I want to share with people that success does not happen over the night and the most beautiful about it is the journey, that can be sometimes not easy but at the end worth it, because you always learn. The journey belongs to our lives. I believe that the most important is to do what you love and the success comes along with time. But of course we have to also work for it, the consistent work is the key to achieve our dreams. I believe in balance too, the COCOBELI BALANCE. The coconut has to also be cut in half to get the best out of it – the right quality of its juice. That’s why the balanced life of work and joy in life is so important!

Why is it called Cocobeli?

The came out with the name Cocobeli at ZIN Café in Bali located in Canggu. First, I wanted to start a dropshipping website that sells cosmetics, but I realised back in time that I would never sell anything that I have not properly tried and I cannot fully trust. First I wanted to register my first website as CocoBella, „Coco“ standing behind the exotic part such as Bali and „Bella“ standing behind the beauty. However, I knew I want to focus not only on women, but also on men. I shortly contacted my italian friend and asked about the plural of the word for „Bella“ and that’s how „Beli“ started. Later, I found out that it means in Indonesian language also „Buy“ and some people even imagine under the name our body part „Belly“ ;-) Actually it somehow all belongs together, so you can use your imagination.. :-)

Thus, I decided not to go forward with the dropshipping site. 5 years back, I knew that to offer products to others, I have to experience more to find the best…

And I started where my heart led me that time – quality food and blog Cocobeli.

Watch a video below that I created some years ago in Bali. The main idea of the project shown in this video stays.


What made me to start with Gingerbeli?

With time, I found out that I am more and more interested in healthy food and supplements that can improve quality of my life and people around me. And I started with Gingerbeli products in Bali. The first products were moringa (this herb improved my life as first) and quality chocolate – the perfect Cocobeli balance ;-) These products were introduced in Bali, based on quality contacts and products.

Why I give the name of Gingerbeli?

I spent in Bali 5 years and I am always very happy to come back. The pandemie made me to stay in Bali one and half year in a row. I didn’t plan it, but the pandemie decided for me. At the end, through all ups and downs, I am very grateful for this experience. Sometimes it was not easy as you can imagine and the „Bali life“ may sound. I spent most of the time there more or less by myself. It's very common in Bali that people come and go and this was one of the reasons that helped me to find myself and get independent. Before coming to Bali I faced problem with being comfortable just by myself, as I was jumping from one relationship to another. You can find more about it in my Cocobeli CookBook ;-)

What does the Gingerbread man in my logo mean? Why?

During the pandemie I needed an extra support of my immunity. The moringa tea worked really well on me. But not only Moringa, I was also drinking lots of ginger tea - and my friends started to call me a „Ginger Queen ;-)

Ginger was always with me wherever I travelled around Indonesia during pandemic. Once I was sitting in Ubud at Zest Café with my friend Rony and I ordered a Ginger-Carrot cake (with additional ginger in it) and we were talking about my twin nephews that I couldn’t meet because of the pandemie. Rony was always joking and said that these twins will be sure small „Gingerbreads“. Shortly after that he also asked me how I would like to call my e-commerce store because it was the time when I was starting it – I did not thinking about it a minute and I said – GINGER BELI. That’s why the Gingerbread man cannot be missed in my logo.

The health products in our lives are necessary, like for instance the Ginger, which saved me in Bali many times during the pandemie. But the most important thing is to listen to our body and from time to time eat something that is not super healthy to create the right balance and keep ourselves happy. The quality of the product and its ingredients are important. You can also prepare tasty products with quality ingredients (natural sugar, grains, fats or more). This is what Gingerbeli always wants to offer.

Gingerbeli will always offer you the best what Jana has found, including the tasty, yummy products and ingredients that that can improve your mood.

I noticed that if my body is in balance, I feel well and balanced too ;-)

Body in balance means balanced mind means Gingerbeli.

Thank you for your trust,





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