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Matcha Magic Protein & Fiber Bar - 12 pcs

Matcha Magic Protein & Fiber Bar - 12 pcs

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The Legend. We all know that combining salted peanuts with chocolate is almost unbeatable (almost..). Now, what would happen if you combine the finest peanuts from Argentina, along with the finest protein chocolate in the land? The answer: our Salted Peanut. A snack as tasty as it is healthy. Packed with protein, fiber, pre + probiotics, and flavor, this is one bar you will surely not be able to resist, but don't worry, for once, you'll be rewarded for overindulging in healthy snacks with actual benefits (applicable across all our flavors). You're welcome.


  1. High Protein
  2. High Fiber
  3. Pre + Probiotics
  4. No Added Sugar / No Artificial Sweeteners

Potential Benefits: 

  1. Get closer to your required protein and fiber intake
  2. Better muscle and bone recovery
  3. Better protein absorption
  4. Improved gut health and digestion


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