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Heart Matter - Herbal Blend of Cardia and Calming Strawberry

Heart Matter - Herbal Blend of Cardia and Calming Strawberry

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Lovingly selected herbs such as cannabis, lemon balm, hawthorn, juniper, mistletoe, but also milk thistle or heartwort, together with calming strawberry gummies, are a source of natural calm and soothing for your body and mind. Just as love needs a solid foundation, a healthy heart needs the right balance. This is literally a heart thing.

Cardia Herbal Blend
CBD strawberry gummies

About the Products:

You can use the loose Cardia herbal blend for decoctions, infusions, but it is also great for poultices or baths. All the herbs come from the Czech Republic, the hemp was hand-picked, so it is possible that you will find not only flowers and leaves in the mixture, but also a few hemp seeds.


Hemp - lowers blood pressure, relieves pain, helps with insomnia, promotes appetite, reduces cramps, relieves muscle tension, may prevent cardiovascular disease

Lemon balm - calms the mind, has antioxidant effects, stabilizes blood sugar, supports the liver

Hawthorn leaf with flower - supports normal functioning of the nervous and circulatory systems, has a relaxing effect and a positive effect on the heart

Hawthorn fruit - improves blood circulation throughout the body and strengthens the heart, is ideal for blood pressure problems, has a calming effect

Jinan leaf - has a positive effect on mental balance and cognitive function and performance of blood circulation and brain, promotes microcirculation of the blood system

Motherwort extract - relaxes the mind, relieves headaches, has antioxidant effects and a positive effect on the digestive and respiratory systems

Mistletoe extract - lowers blood pressure, is diuretic, relieves some headaches, dizziness, and is antisclerotic

Heartwort extract - contributes to the normal functioning of the heart and the entire cardiovascular system, positively affects blood pressure, helps maintain normal functions of the respiratory system, thyroid and nervous system


Pour two to three teaspoons of the mixture over boiling water and let stand for 5 minutes. Always prepare the infusion fresh.

Country of origin: Czech Republic

Contains: 50 g

CBD jelly candies with the flavour of juicy strawberries coated in sour sugar.

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, thickener - gelatin, acidity regulator - citric acid, malic acid, flavouring (strawberry flavouring), colouring (cochineal), vegetable oil, CBD (100 mg). The product contains cereal flour containing gluten (rye). Does not contain THC.

Allergens: gluten

Nutritional values per 100 g of product: Energy 1353 kJ / 318 kcal

Nutrition facts: Carbohydrate 72,3 g - of which sugars 53,9 g; Protein 6,9 g; Fat 0,2 g - of which saturates 0,1 g; Salt 0,01 g; Fibre 0,1 g

Package contains 20 pieces of candies (strawberries)

CBD content in 1 piece: 5 mg CBD

Product weight: 45 g

THC-free (does not contain THC)

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