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Treat Yourself Breakfast Package + Motivational Cookbook from Bali 2024

Treat Yourself Breakfast Package + Motivational Cookbook from Bali 2024

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Say it from the heart! In the gift set, you'll find a giant coconut bowl with a coconut spoon, velvety smooth 40% white chocolate with Czech strawberries, a mini hazelnut cracker, and a Pukka Love tea bag. A Christmas package full of love that expresses your feelings without words.

Additionally and for free, Jana will send you an inspirational online cookbook with selected recipes from favorite restaurants in Bali and motivation for the year 2024! Purchasing from Jana's website, you are getting the advantage of getting her first-hand content related to products that she approved, healthy and beauty tips as well as motivational talks.

  • gluten-free
  • palm oil-free
  • lactose-free

You know that pleasant anticipation when you're well aware that your gift will bring joy to the recipient? Gift packages full of natural energy, containing an excellent combination of super clean foods, can precisely achieve that. This year's style of gift packaging also evokes nature.

With the Christmas package "From the Heart," you can express your feelings towards your loved ones without words. It conceals a natural jumbo coconut bowl in which you can serve breakfast or various snacks. Each bowl is unique - distinct in shape, color, and texture, just like coconuts in nature. The shape of the coconut shell is echoed by the accompanying spoon. Additionally, you'll find the fabulous strawberry chocolate - Míša's 40% white chocolate with Czech strawberries. The light pink chocolate literally melts in your mouth. For us, unquestionably the best white chocolate we've ever tasted. And, finally, a cup of love in the form of Pukka Love Ayurvedic tea.

The entire set is packaged in a gift paper box tied with a two-colored red jute ribbon. The gift packaging also comes with a kraft tag where you can write a personal wish or dedication.

This combination will surely stand out among other gifts. Bring joy to your loved ones with a meaningful gift, whether it's for your mom, grandma, or best friend.

The gift bag for men will bring joy on any occasion - birthdays, Christmas, or as an original gift when visiting.


  • Jumbo Coconut Bowl
  • Coconut Spoon
  • Míša's Chocolate White 40% with Czech Strawberries 50g
  • Mini Hazelnut Cracker
  • Pukka Tea Bag Love


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