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Choco Crunch Protein & Fiber Bar - 12 pcs

Choco Crunch Protein & Fiber Bar - 12 pcs

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The Classic. Indulgent chocolate goodness on the inside and out, coated with high protein milk chocolate and high protein crisps to add an irresistible crunch to an already irresistible snack. Packed with high protein, fiber, prebiotics and probiotics for better protein absorption, this chocolate sensation is sure to put a smile on your face and in your gut.


  1. High Protein
  2. High Fiber
  3. Pre + Probiotics
  4. No Added Sugar / No Artificial Sweeteners

Potential Benefits: 

  1. Get closer to your required protein and fiber intake
  2. Better muscle and bone recovery
  3. Better protein absorption
  4. Improved gut health and digestion


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