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Caramel Crumble Protein & Fiber Bar - 12 pcs

Caramel Crumble Protein & Fiber Bar - 12 pcs

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The Finesse. This one is quite different to what you might think. It has so many different layers of flavors to explore, while maintaining a balanced, rich, and sophisticated caramel flavor which is carefully not too sweet. The subtle, delicious caramel goodness in this bar is also accompanied with a crispy finish to give you that consistent amazing mouthfeel we always look to deliver. Enjoy.


  1. High Protein
  2. High Fiber
  3. Pre + Probiotics
  4. No Added Sugar / No Artificial Sweeteners

Potential Benefits: 

  1. Get closer to your required protein and fiber intake
  2. Better muscle and bone recovery
  3. Better protein absorption
  4. Improved gut health and digestion


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