Marrons Chestnuts Ready To Eat, 12 x 100 gr

Marrons Chestnuts Ready To Eat, 12 x 100 gr

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The last introduction to Agrimola’s marrons product range, peeled and steam-cooked marrons preserved in practical freshness-saving packets, ready to eat!

• Peeled and steam-cooked marrons hand-selected for you.
• From typical Italian areas.
• Delicious taste and aroma.
• Ready to eat. The ideal snack for short breaks, appetizers, or for all your favorite recipes.

The perfect size of snack to get energy whenever you need it on the go. 

Country of Origin: Italy

Net weight of every package: 100 gr

Shipping in a box of 12 packages, in total 1.2 kg. Because we know one is never enough.