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Lentisco Oil - Food & Skin

Lentisco Oil - Food & Skin

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Cold extracted, pure mastic oil is a fundamental ally in fighting skin irritations such as dermatitis and erythema, deeply hydrating while helping the epithelial cells to regenerate from inflammation.

Powerful soothing, it heals and disinfects the skin in case of insect bites or slight abrasions, supporting the skin in the production of natural defenses. This is why it is also recommended for sensitive skin as a natural defense against the aggression of low temperatures and pollutants.

Integrated in the daily diet, it is a remedy known to relieve the symptoms of gastritis and irritation of the digestive system, delicately balancing the intestinal flora.

50 ml

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  • This product is 100 % Gingerbeli approved by Jana and her trusted people.