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Bali Blessed Balipura Crystal Aura Spray - Space Clearing

Bali Blessed Balipura Crystal Aura Spray - Space Clearing

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Aromatic Crystal Aura organic mist for application throughout the Auric field.


Crystals: Herkimer Diamond, Citrine, Amber, Selenite & Black Tourmaline

Scent: Tea Tree*, Tea Tree Lemon*, Lemon*, Lavender*, Clary Sage* & Sage*

Ingredients: Water (natural spring water from the heart of Bali’s volcanic mountains, which is then energetically cleansed and blessed in a special Balinese Ceremony), Alcohol (high grade locally produced Perfumers cane alcohol), 100% Pure Essential oils, various Flower Essences, finest grade natural Crystals(cleansed, activated and charged to rejuvenate their original life force), lots of intentional care,  and Love!

How it works:

Removes denser energies in sprayed areas, allowing lighter, happier and more vibrant ones to enter. Creates Calm & Peace in home and work environments.

Space Clearing Aura blend is exactly as it sounds – intended to be used to ‘clear’ spaces.

Space Clearing Aura Spray subtly but powerfully counteracts disharmonious, heavy energies with lighter, clear frequencies to relieve and uplift.

Basically, anywhere you want to clear denser energies to create a spacious field for more harmonious and higher vibration enjoyment can be prepared using this blend.

When to use Protection Spray:

Spray around the space, set your intention for the cleared space, take a few deep breaths and keep going with your routine, cleared and rejuvenated!

You can use this mist in any space, for example use in your home, around your desk at work, over a table you’ve set up for a party, in public spaces or your retail outlet, or spray around your hotel room and bed linen when you travel.

You can also spray around the body as all ingredients are 100% natural. I personally use it around my body when I feel mentally lethargic to refresh and invigorate my energy field. Shop owners also report great results in environments where people are coming and going, bringing their various emotions, thoughts and vibrations with them, which can affect your staff and patrons experience within the space. 


All the ingredients in this formula are focused to break up dense energies. From the crystals to the aromas, the selection of essential oils and even the use of light blue for the labelling. All focus for this mist is on breaking up stagnation and increasing a happy vibrant flow.

How to apply Balipura Aura Sprays:

Set an intention and take a big breath, or just relax and clear your mind.
Spray several times above your head and allow the mist to fall around you.
Take a few seconds to breath it in.
Use a couple of times a day for an effective realignment.
Can be used over a period of time to support a deeper transformation.
For external use only – do not ingest.

We are honoured to offer you All-In-One Healing Aromatherapy products which deliver beautiful and unique healing technologies for convenient and practical application.  Balipura products are intended to assist you in your own healing process. Our products carry Energetic Healing, Theta Healing,  and Sound & Vibrational Healing, which in combination form the foundation of the Balipura Transfer Method ™.

Shelf Life:

6 Months after opening date.

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