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Bali Blessed Balipura Crystal Aura Spray - Pure Love

Bali Blessed Balipura Crystal Aura Spray - Pure Love

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Aromatic Crystal Aura organic mist for application throughout the Auric field.


Crystals: Rose Quartz, Jade, Chrysoprase, Aventurine & Amazonite

Scent: Champaka, Ylang Ylang & Jasmine

Ingredients: Water (natural spring water from the heart of Bali’s volcanic mountains, which is then energetically cleansed and blessed in a special Balinese Ceremony), Alcohol (high grade locally produced Perfumers cane alcohol), 100% Pure Essential oils, various Flower Essences, finest grade natural Crystals(cleansed, activated and charged to rejuvenate their original life force), lots of intentional care,  and Love!

How it works:

ure Love Auric Spray amplifies and harmonises love and understanding. It assists the transition from defensiveness or blockage to compassion, integration and expansion… this allows you to more easily experience unconditional love and harmony.

Crystals used in this formula are good for working on Self Love.

If you are feeling closed to love and understanding, this is the spray for you. It will help you open up to situations from a space of compassion and integration, as it shifts the vibration from separation and duality to oneness and love. Balipura Pure Love works on softening our defence mechanisms and allowing our most pure love vibrations to re-emerge in our daily interactions.

When to use:

Use before meditation or yoga or before doing any energy healing work. Also great before you encounter a loved one, or when you’d like to work on Self Love.

It works better and deeper if used daily, as it takes time for the Aura to adjust to the higher vibratory state. The more frequently you use over a period of time, the deeper it will work. Some people are more sensitive than others.. even though you might not feel the shift, the process is definitely happening!


All the ingredients in this formula are focused to open up your heart chakra. Crystals, essential oils, methods of energetic healing and even the use of particular vibrations of the colour green throughout production phase and labelling, are all focused on opening the Heart Chakra.


This Spray is unique amongst our blends as it has the added benefit of the infusion of these important Balinese Temple flowers directly into the water!  Anyone who has travelled to Bali will immediately recall the sweet scents of Balinese temples and offerings. Pure Love is the most popular Balipura Aura blend.

How to apply Balipura Aura Sprays:

Set an intention and take a big breath, or just relax and clear your mind.
Spray several times above your head and allow the mist to fall around you.
Take a few seconds to breath it in.
Use a couple of times a day for an effective realignment.
Can be used over a period of time to support a deeper transformation.
For external use only – do not ingest.

We are honoured to offer you All-In-One Healing Aromatherapy products which deliver beautiful and unique healing technologies for convenient and practical application.  Balipura products are intended to assist you in your own healing process. Our products carry Energetic Healing, Theta Healing,  and Sound & Vibrational Healing, which in combination form the foundation of the Balipura Transfer Method ™.

Shelf Life:

6 Months after opening date.

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