"I always search for unique beauty and healthy food products in the country I travel to."

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One is never enough. A combination of the 3 can be magical.

"My passion is exploring the top quality healthy food & beauty products that can improve my and others' people life - it naturally became part of my life."

Newly approved products

Newly Gingerbeli Approved products that Jana tested especially for you!

For both, men and women.

Approved Food & Superfood

The top quality of products matter. Always. We are what we eat: there are no exceptions. Jana connected with farmers, top chefs and other food specialists past years.

She went to the most important world food exhibitions where she checked on more than 1000 of products. It made her realised there are only small amount of products she can actually enjoy and can introduce to others. That's why: "Jana went miles to find the quality what you might like."

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Approved Cosmetics

Beauty from the inside out really does matter. Jana experienced that if the good quality and nutritious food is combined with using effective and most of the times natural cosmetics products, it can effectively improve her skin texture and overall look - she reached great results over the time. The consistecy is important. It's perfect if the healthy eating and consistent skin care habits become slowly part of your life.

Combining Gingerbeli approved beauty trends & naturally delicious food and quality food supplements can #gingerupyourlife. Try it out!

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"Combining approved food & beauty products together with practising simple and effective techniques significantly improved my life."

Approved Food Supplements

Sometimes our body needs an additional support, especially when we know there is a specific part of our body that we can improve and work on it.

Jana found out that the best for her is to use only naturally based supplements because it amazingly improved her overall body, mind and look. Jana explored some unique products and she wants to share with others now too - such as unique Bio Kefir Plus.

Watch her Youtube videos to get to know more information as well as benefits of the products that she found and now you can get them too.

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Broker & 360° Consultant

Building link between brands and distributors. Having Strong & Trusted International Network.

Searching for the best quality. Attending Worldwide Exhibitions: saving you time & money to get the best. Ability to find the quality.

Brand marketing, social media marketing, content creation (photography & video) influencer management, sampling organization, events & introduction of your brand). 

Approving & Promoting on my social channels.

Selling on my e-shop Gingerbeli.com.

Having warehouse in Czechia (EU) with direct B2B supply. Offering wholesale of Bohemian Porcelain.

I am standing behing your brand.

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Bohemian Porcelain

Good quality food is best to pair with good quality porcelain. Jana's family owns porcelain wholesale business since she was born - 1990. They have great connections and are ready to share the best quality.

Did you know that Bohemian Porcelain is one of the best quality porcelain in the world?

Contact Jana to see the whole porcelain catalogue offer.

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"I don’t want to sell my products without any explanation: how to use it and their benefits it brought to my life. Behind every product is a reason why I share it with you. Watch more on my Youtube channel."

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